Sometimes you need to get a gift for someone who loves wine. Sometimes you love wine and need to get yourself a gift. Whatever.

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Private Preserve Wine Preserver

This is a can full of inert nontoxic gas that displaces the oxygen in an opened bottle of wine. As we all know (I just found this out), it's exposure to oxygen that makes wine go bad. So if you get all the oxygen out and re-cork that sucker, the wine stays fresher longer! I use this then pop in the refrigerator. Wirecutter pitted this humble can against seven other preservation methods and this one came out on top!


Coravin Model Two Plus

Of course, if you're fancy, this system is even better. It is an "intuitive wine system that gives you the freedom to pour and enjoy a glass of wine from any bottle, at any time, without pulling the cork." I am not kidding--this thing allows you to pierce the natural cork of a bottle of wine with a needle and EXTRACT ONLY AS MUCH WINE AS YOU WANT TO DRINK. It then does what the spray can above does--fills the empty space in the bottle with inert gas so oxygen never touches the wine. Look, I'm not fancy enough to have even seen one of these in person, but if you're the kind of person who buys wine with the intention of letting it age, this might be up your alley. Wirecutter also had great things to say about it.


Wine Travel Bag - Including Wine Stakes

If you're anything like me, you've spilled your fair share of glasses full of cheap wine at picnics, the beach, or outdoor movie screenings. Even stemless wine glasses can fall victim to uneven ground. That's why these stakes are genius. You stab them into the ground, then secure your glass in them when you need your hands free to rip into some BBQ ribs. Whoever invented these is a #hero.


Picnic Backpack

My parents gave me one of these years ago and I am SHOCKED at how many times I have used it. Camping, outdoor movie screenings, romantic picnics, you name it. It seriously comes in handy. This is not the same one I've got, but it's remarkably similar--huge food compartment, picnic blanket with waterproof backing (protects against damp ground), a separate container for a wine bottle, cutting board, and place settings for four! There are tons of different options--if you don't want a blanket, or prefer a different color, or only want two place settings--so definitely click through a few to find the right one for you! 


Rapid Ice Wine Cooler

I haven't done extensive testing or anything, but in my opinion this thing seriously works. I leave one in my freezer and when I get home from Trader Joe's, I pop it on a bottle of room-temp rosé and stick the whole thing back in the freezer and I swear to you it gets cold faster than just trying to freezer-chill the bottle.